Polite lunch conversation at the office

from by Landverraad

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I’m not a racist, but….
Oh yes!! I can’t wait for what is coming now.
Please, please: surprise me!
Which of the predictable platitudes will follow next?
Something with crime statistics I bet - your false confirmation of ‘proof’.
The propaganda of senseless figures
Leaving out history, class, economic injustice, state racism and the structural violence embedded in society.

I’m not a racist but…

And yes - please, pléase add to that,
that one of your best friends is black
and how you just love exotic cuisine and kebab.

Go on, tell me, tell me.

And at another day, there is another chance
And here we go again:
‘I have nothing against women but you have to admit some girls ask for it.’
Yes! Go on! Say it! Say it!
Say how it is all theír fault,
how it is theír clothes, how they were at the wrong time in the wrong place. Asking -of course - they are simply ásking to get harassed!

Go on, push me, push me over the edge
and with every word from you
there is less reason for me to hold back,
less reason to remain my sanity.
I’m almost there.
Every word is one step closer
to me losing it completely and legitimately

And if you are lucky,
the next thing you know
is you on the floor in cigarette buds
holding your crushed balls.


from Split 12" w/ Monday Suicide, released May 24, 2014




Landverraad Netherlands

Some angry persons making fast music, ride bikes, drive vans & burn flags!

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