No love for a nation 7"

by Landverraad

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Pressing of 850.

7" released by Emancypunx, ACCESSxDENIED, Rope or Guilotine, Dukszhell, Pure Heart Records, Drink and be merry & Mosh Potatoes.

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released December 25, 2012




Landverraad Netherlands

Some angry persons making fast music, ride bikes, drive vans & burn flags!

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Track Name: 01 Миру мир
У мира нету сил Удержать войну, Когда насилие
Прижало нас ко дну. Опустите руки! Поднимите белый
флаг! Нет уж, подай мне оружие! Лишь так падёт этот
мрак! Насилие - метод тиранов Под собою массы
держать, Доводить народ до момента, Когда нечего
больше терять. Неужели ты действительно веришь,
Что возможно мирным путём Наковальню насилия
свергнуть, Заливая воду огнём? Миру - мир. Войне -
война. Покой нам всем угоден, Но если из под носа
уводят Всё, что смысл имело, Мир кажется химерой. У
мира нету сил Удержать войну.

(English translation) PEACE ON EARTH
Peace can‘t hold war back When violence is pushing us
against the wall. Just give up already! Raise the white
fl ag! No! Take up arms! Only thus shall the gloom fall!
Violence is a tyrannical measure Enabling submission
of the masses, Bringing folk to a point Where there‘s
nothing left to be lost. Do you really believe That the
anvil of violence will melt In a peaceful way When all
you‘re doing is putting out water with fi re? Peace to
peace War to war. We all prefer peace But when they
take away Everything that was dear to you Peace will
appear as chimera. Peace can‘t hold war back.

“I would prefer to live in peace but, when I looked
around me, I couldn’t fi nd it anywhere. Everywhere
I looked, the land was being destroyed, the Indians
were victims of genocide, Third World peoples were
oppressed and massacred, people lived in industrial
wastelands and womyn were being raped and
children molested. I could never live in peace, only
quiet - the kind you fi nd in cemeteries.”
- Ann Hansen “Direct Action”

Everyone wants to live in peace. I don‘t mean “peace”
as in completely boring coexistence, but as in no war,
no violence, etc. I was lucky enough to never have
experienced or lived in war. I only know stories from
books, acquaintances and my grandma about how
it is to live in a war situation. The fear, the hunger,
the despair. It‘s fucking scary. But just as much as I
am convinced that war and violence suck, I‘m also
convinced that there is no other way to stop the violence
coming from authorities towards the masses but by
using violence. I do not believe ‚we sink to their level‘ by
doing so or that ‚a master‘s house cannot be dismantled
with master‘s tools‘. We have to use any method
available to us to fi ght the system, to put pressure in
strategic ways, to decrease the amount of violence
those with power and wealth execute towards us. There
are many good books written on this subject; “How
Nonviolence Protects the State” by Peter Gelderloos
and “Endgame” by Derrick Jensen have parts that
hilariously describe the pacifi st vs. militant movements
(a pamphlet entitled “Pacifi sm as Pathology” can also
be downloaded from The Anarchist Library!).
Track Name: 02 Vernietig de elite
Vernietig de elite, Maak ze kapot! Zoek een scherp
mes en zet het aan het strot van de bureaucraten, de
machtspotentaten. Brandende barri‘s in opgebroken
straten. Het is tijd voor actie, tijd voor daden. Als
kamaraden op de barricaden. Met de steen in het
hand door het hele land! Het is het zwarte zand dat de
machine verlamt.

(English translation) DESTROY THE ELITE
Destroy the elite, put an end to it! Find a sharp knife
& put it to the throat of bureaucrats & those in power.
Burning barricades in demolished streets - It‘s time for
action, time for deeds, as comrades on the barricades.
With a stone in our hands we take over the land, it‘s the
black sand that destroys the machine.

This was originally written as a very simple rap, to
express a diversity of deep and complex feelings which
can be summarized by being extremely pissed off
with those in power and the strong wish to destroy the
system. Amen.
Track Name: 03 Extinct Animals
Vernietig de elite,
Maak ze kapot!
Zoek een scherp mes
En zet het aan het strot
Van de bureaucraten,
De machtspotentaten.
Brandende barri's
In opgebroken straten.
Het is tijd voor actie,
Tijd voor daden
Als kamaraden
Op de barricaden.
Met de steen in het hand
Door het hele land!
Het is het zwarte zand
Dat de machine verlamt.

Destroy the elite,
Put an end to it!
Find a sharp knife &
Put it to the throat
Of bureaucrats &
Those in power.
Burning barricades
In demolished streets -
It's time for action
Time for deeds,
As comrades
On the barricades.
With a stone in our hands
We take over the land,
It's the black sand
That destroys the machine.
Track Name: 04 No ♥ for a nation
Distant, far, remote, miles away
Family, friends, culture, familiarity
Freedom, better life, future, comfort, money, greed, drugs, stress, loneliness, cold feet.

Escaping centuries of total decay
It's us who fucked it up and it's them who should pay
We built up a fortress on blood, sweat and tears
And we'll pour molting tar if they try to get in.

Deportation, prisons, sinking boats -
It's a killing machine we all quietly support

Let's turn on our brains
And think for a minute -
[Thinking that someone would] leave everything they love behind to steal your fucking job is giving you too much credit.

I remember how strange it felt to me that only because I happened to be born in The Netherlands I had more right to live and be here then other people who originate from different places. So this is suddenly “my country” or the wealth that “we” build up? “We”? “We”? Who the fuck are you talking about…?? What the hell do I have to do with it? But for many people it seems to be something very logical – as the cruel disgusting consequence of this line of thinking: the idea that immigration is a threat that should be prevented at all costs. That it is okay to hunt people down with ID checks at work, on public transport or on the streets. That it is okay to lock them up in inhuman “detention facilities” where they can rot away in conditions that there are no sufficient words to describe. And this is only a small part of all the investments of the anti-immigration machinery. There are even EU sponsored camps outside the borders to lock people up who had the nerve to want to live in Europe. The EU provides these camps with security and materials. And amongst these materials are body bags; since the circumstances in these camps are so bad, they are lethal for many.

They call it “immigration policy”, I call it murder.
Track Name: 05 Gender Song
Is there a way to forever unlearn
The fascist standards we're fed from birth?
That dictate our gender, define our relations.
Help me destroy it - down to a fraction.

A girl will wear pink
And a boy will wear blue
But if the hair is cut short
Then we don't have a clue.

Here's your high expectations
And here's your glass ceiling,
Rationality or drama,
Emotions? Conceal it!
Ambition? Oh really?
Forgot you're a girl?
Settle for less
And please wear a skirt.

It's a rough world we live in
And my hands are tied
If you don't feel like your genitals
Join the dark side.

I feel my feet moving,
Beyond my control
Escaping this branding
Is a biological urge.

I'm my own gender
Make your own gender
Destroy the sexes as the culture intends them
Male/Female - fuck off.
Track Name: 06 I ♥ mum
Daily distractions lose their grip
and suddenly it hits

What is it with this world?
Seems like an absurdist sketch,
(monstrously grotesque)
Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong ,wrong

Alienation attacks
Twisting the knife in my heart,
All we’ve done has failed, failed, failed, failed

More ego, more plastic, more shit we don’t need
Social lives counted in likes
It can not, it will not, it should not..!

There’s no way to state that the world is not fucked,
Nor do I think that it will be alright,
But hey there are more of us equally lost,
You’re not alone, you’re not alone

So come join the dropouts, free-spirits and punks
the renegades and misfits, the twisted and sweet kids
We’re in this together and we will be there,
You’re not alone, you’re not alone

This is the most emo song I ever wrote (hence the title). I wrote it after a conversation with my mother that was intensely sad in many ways and yet made me feel so much closer to her that it was beautiful as well. My mum has had a rough life, a life that was sometimes so hard to deal with and still she struggles with periods of depression. One day she was sad and miserable and I asked her what was wrong. She stared through the window, and with a voice filled with intense despair answered “I just… I do not get this world… I understand it less and less…” Her answer struck me, as her feeling of alienation was something I relate to deeply. And I told her this, and how I completely understood. But she shook her head slowly. “No”, she said, “you do not understand. Back in the days, in the sixties, we really thought that we were changing things for the better, that the world was going to be different, less materialistic, less egoistic. But instead - it just became more of that all, it became worse.” I will never forget the sad, sad look in her eyes as she turned her face towards me and added: “We failed. It failed.” And I did not know what to say. I could not offer her anything to comfort her, I could only agree. But then I realized there was something that keeps me going when the weight of this shitty world seems to crush me. It is the realization that I am not alone in this, that there are people around me who feel as alienated as I do from this world, that there are friends and partners in crime. It is remembering that I am still part of something, of many people trying to make a difference. And all I could do was reassure her that she was not alone in her despair, and that there are still people who feel the same. I encouraged her to find them. Because often this is all we have - the comfort of having partners in crime. And it is a lot, really, it has often saved me. So this is not only for my sweet mum, but for all of you who feel lost and desperate with the state of the world - you’re not alone. ♥